Testing & QA

Testing & QA

As an experienced Software & QA Testing company, we always ensure that the applications developed by us are as per the quality standards of our client. Below mentioned are some of the services we offer:

Test Advisory Services

Every organization requires focusing on their software testing process to track their quality delivery of service. But it imposes several challenges such as backtracking or fixing problems which may result in the late process or delay in project launch.

Exadatainc’s Test Advisory Services help the companies to manage their software testing strategies and provide assistance to the clients throughout their SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). We help organizations to improve their maturity level by improving all phases of QA including its people, process, and products.

Our Test Advisory Services offers:

Test Plan / Strategy designing

Test Tools recommendation

Assessment of Test assets

Test Process planning

Performance Testing Services

Website / application crash is a most concerned issue which results in site abandonment. Exadatainc’s performance testing services makes the product to withstand the extensive load. Our dedicated QA team has expertise in the testing system across a high volume in complex applications. The applications will be thoroughly optimized with our software testing approach performing well during the peak loads.

Our Performance Testing Services help the business to meet their goals with our array of services, like:

Load Testing

Stress Testing

Volume Testing

Endurance Testing

Performance Assessment

Manual Testing

Exadatainc offers various comprehensive manual testing services to ensure that the final release meets the quality standards. Our team performs testing at every phase, detects the errors and track them to ensure their closure before the final product delivery.

Test Automation Services

Test Automation helps the organizations to improve their product delivery efficiency, extends wide test coverage and forbids repetitive manual testing time. At Exadatainc, our software testing methodologies include in-house automation tools and frameworks to ensure product behave consistently while going through one build to another.

With our years of experience and expertise, we offer the following Test Automation services:

Test Automation Assessment and ROI Analysis

Automation feasibility study

Test lifecycle automation

Data validation / Data driven automation

Test case scripting in C#, Java

Smoke / Regression automation

Mobile App Testing Services

Mobility is a critical part of every organization’s strategy. Often functional defects or poor user experience forbids its usage. Exadatainc is all equipped to deal with the device complexities and handle users query by mobile testing expertise. We have successfully helped enterprises to deploy their products across mobile devices. Our QA team makes sure every user gets a seamless experience across all devices.